About Me

My violin and IIt was in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, where I became interested in all forms of expression, particularly photography (mainly because I captured memories of the gorgeous international surfers who came to compete for the World Surfing Championship games).

I moved to Florida, completed two Bachelor degrees, one in English and the other in Multimedia Design at the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale, where I taught classes afterwards. Went back to school for Music and it was there where I was inspired the most, for I met the ones who would influence me the most with their passionate dedication to their art, music.

The love of words, the visual, and music is one I felt since my childhood days and their power to interconnect and tell a story is the calling I have received.

My photography has taken me to different parts of the world, has landed me in prestigious museum exhibitions, gallery, and art shows, has been used in ads, and has given me the opportunity to mix with interesting people. Since earning my B.M. in music composition, my main interest is to merge visuals with storytelling, coding, and music. Hopefully, this blog will start the beginning of a beautiful friendship between you and my work.

Addendum: I have completed an M.A. in Ethnomusicology and am currently an associate course director at Full Sail University.

Research interests:

  • Mixed reality and soundscapes
  • Transmedia
  • Musical cultures
  • How different cultures develop their own aesthetics in popular music
  • How cultures appropriate and acculturate other peoples’ musical styles



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